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Fairytail Endings Rescue, a no-kill 501c3 non-profit organization, exists to rewrite the stories of at-risk, hard-to-place dogs one rescue at a time.


Our vision is a community united in the belief that every dog deserves a chance at a Fairytail Ending. Through collaborative efforts with our compassionate community, we see a future where euthanasia lists are replaced with stories of resilience, love, and forever homes. We see a community that celebrates the uniqueness of every dog, embracing the diversity of all breeds, and ages. Our vision is a shared reality where no dog is left behind and our community stands as a testament to the power of love, empathy, and collective action.


Community Collaboration

With the invaluable support of our community - donors, fosters, and volunteers - we rally together to rescue dogs facing euthanasia in neighboring shelters. Together, we stand as a united force to ensure no dog is left behind, fostering a community where compassion knows no bounds.

Comprehensive Care

From essential vetting and tailored training to specialized interventions, our commitment extends to the holistic well-being of each rescued dog.

Lifelong Connections

Matching dogs with loving forever families is at the core of our mission. With the combined efforts of donors, fosters, volunteers, and medical providers, we facilitate the journey from rescue to adoption, creating lifelong connections that bring happiness to both dogs and their people.

At Fairytail Endings Rescue, it's not just about rescuing dogs; it's about creating enduring connections and transforming the lives of dogs and the communities that embrace them. Join us in making Fairytail Endings a reality, one rescue at a time.

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23212 Freedom Avenue,

Port Charlotte, FL 33952

(401) 497-1866

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