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We rescue dogs... they rescue you.

Fairytail Endings Rescue is a no-kill 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2020 in Southwest Florida.  With the help of the community, we take dogs on the euthanasia list in other area shelters, get them vetted and trained if needed, bring them to specialists if recommended, and find them their forever families and homes. 

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Every Dog Deserves A Fairytail Ending

Make a difference with us. Support our initiatives that save the lives of pets and the people who love them.

Jennifer B.

This is the best place to adopt from! They are very responsive and helpful through the entire process! They truly want to find the best house for each of the animals they have. We had applied for a pet that we fell in love with and upon the meeting with our other pups we realized it was not going to be a good match. Fairytail Endings was great and understanding they spoke with us got to know us and matched us with the perfect dog! Our pup and our old pups are like typical sisters and inseparable! Fairytail Endings goes above and beyond and we love them! We have adopted twice through them and have no reservations about going through them again!

Shay L.

I have gotten the privilege of helping with Fairytail Endings Rescues on several occasions with emergency transports. It’s always amazing how fast she raises money to get these dogs saved and then the amount of work put into finding home placements. Johnna has been amazing to work with. The quality of care she provides the dogs is impressive. One of a kind.

Shannon J.

The owner of this rescue has a heart of gold. Everything she does and has goes into the dogs and they are loved! As a networker of the dogs in South Florida, where abuse of dogs and dogs in the shelters and on the streets is rampant, they need help where they will be loved and cared for. Nowadays, trying to find a good, responsible, and reputable rescue is harder than trying to pull teeth, that whenever I find a rescue that actually cares about a dog, I utilize them and I tell everyone about them. Fairytail Endings Rescue is one of them. 


With Us

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